Russia’s reach unnerves Chechens

Chechens who fought the Russian army – or simply fled it – cast wistful eyes at their homeland across the border. Report from the Pankisi Gorge for BBC News, January 2008

Guantanamo refugee rues asylum deal

An Algerian doctor joins the small list of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who have been transferred to Albania. “Abu Mohammed” is trapped in a legal limbo that prevents him from being reunited with the family he last saw in 2001. Report from Tirana for BBC News, May 2007

Albanian fix for Guantanamo dilemma

An investigation into the US policy of arranging asylum in Albania for former Guantanamo Bay detainees. The men were forbidden under American law from being repatriated to their countries on account of the risk that they would be mistreated there. Impoverished Albania stepped in to accommodate them. I nicknamed this practice, “extraordinary rehabilitation”. Report from Tirana for BBC News, January 2007

Guantanamo Uighurs’ strange odyssey

The extraordinary tale of a group of Uighurs from western China who were captured in Afghanistan, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, and resettled in Albania. I tracked the men down while on holiday in the Balkans. Report from Tirana for BBC News, January 2007

BBC Radio Four’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’: Legacy of Bosnia’s jihadis

In the decade before al-Qaeda was deemed a direct threat to the West, a small band of jihadis came to Europe to wage war on behalf of the Bosniak government of besieged Sarajevo.

The Bosniak’s foes, the Bosnian Serbs, are keen to project their wartime cause as a precursor to the US-led “war on terror”. But the jihadis’ legacy is fading and they have few friends today on the streets of secular Sarajevo.

Women bombers break new ground

Insurgents from Iraq to Chechnya and Kashmir have been recruiting women as suicide bombers. But the jihadists are not the first armed groups to do so – and the practice could prove counter-productive. Analysis for BBC News, November 2005

UK-Jordan deportation deal under fire

Human rights groups say a planned deal for the transfer of terror suspects from the UK to Jordan does not contain adequate safeguards against torture. BBC News, August 2005

Echoes of Guantanamo

In the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal, a London theatre dramatises the story of the British men at Guantanamo, drawing on their letters and on interviews with their lawyers and families. Review for BBC News. May 2004.