BBC Radio Four’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’: Legacy of Bosnia’s jihadis

In the decade before al-Qaeda was deemed a direct threat to the West, a small band of jihadis came to Europe to wage war on behalf of the Bosniak government of besieged Sarajevo.

The Bosniak’s foes, the Bosnian Serbs, are keen to project their wartime cause as a precursor to the US-led “war on terror”. But the jihadis’ legacy is fading and they have few friends today on the streets of secular Sarajevo.

Bosnian Serbs sullen and defiant

In the snowy hills above Sarajevo, Bosnian Serbs feel they have been unfairly scapegoated over the Balkan conflict. Report from Pale for BBC News, March 2006

Sarajevo massacre survivor speaks

Interview from Sarajevo with Esad Pozder – market trader and witness to a mortar attack that killed more than 60 people. BBC News, March 2006

Sarajevo finds love after the war

Ten years after the siege of Sarajevo was lifted, young couples in the city are once again breaching the ethnic and religious divide. Report for BBC News, February 2006