Guantanamo refugee rues asylum deal

An Algerian doctor joins the small list of former Guantanamo Bay detainees who have been transferred to Albania. “Abu Mohammed” is trapped in a legal limbo that prevents him from being reunited with the family he last saw in 2001. Report from Tirana for BBC News, May 2007

Albanian fix for Guantanamo dilemma

An investigation into the US policy of arranging asylum in Albania for former Guantanamo Bay detainees. The men were forbidden under American law from being repatriated to their countries on account of the risk that they would be mistreated there. Impoverished Albania stepped in to accommodate them. I nicknamed this practice, “extraordinary rehabilitation”. Report from Tirana for BBC News, January 2007

Guantanamo Uighurs’ strange odyssey

The extraordinary tale of a group of Uighurs from western China who were captured in Afghanistan, imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, and resettled in Albania. I tracked the men down while on holiday in the Balkans. Report from Tirana for BBC News, January 2007

Sarajevo massacre survivor speaks

Interview from Sarajevo with Esad Pozder – market trader and witness to a mortar attack that killed more than 60 people. BBC News, March 2006

Turning the camera back on Vietnam

Legendary Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths talks about embedding and censorship from Vietnam to Abu Ghraib. Interview for BBC News, April 2005

An angry photographer in Chechnya

Stanley Greene describes why it is becoming more dangerous to document the conflict in Chechnya. Interview for BBC News, March 2005

UK lifeline for boy victim of Iraq blast

An Iraqi schoolboy recovers in Britain from an explosion that left him severely disabled. BBC News, December 2004

Moscow’s Afghan war: The English mujahid

Jason Elliot wrote An Unexpected Light – an enchanting portrait of Afghanistan. Here, he looks back on his early visits to the country during the Soviet occupation. Interview for BBC News, December 2004

Falluja siege interviews

A series of interviews with Fadhil Badrani, an Iraqi journalist in Falluja, led to this diary-style account of the US assault on the city. Badrani was living behind rebel lines. I spoke to him over the phone from London and wrote the English text for the BBC News website. Translation was courtesy of the BBC Arabic service.

Farewell to Falluja, 24 November 2004

Fear remains after assault, 16 November 2004

Ghost city calls for help, 13 November 2004

Smoke and corpses, 11 November 2004

Defiance amid carnage, 10 November 2004

Watching tragedy engulf my city, 9 November 2004

Taking cover in Falluja, 8 November 2004

Prayers and tears in Falluja, 5 November 2004

Inside besieged Falluja, 18 October 2004

Epic Journey to End Cycle of War

An encounter with Nadir Shah, the intrepid Afghan cyclist who was making his way to New York on a bicycle that behaved like a “stubborn goat”.

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