Monocle magazine: Arbil, the Iraqi boomtown


Arbil, capital of Iraq’s relatively stable Kurdistan region, has developed at a breakneck pace while violence cripples the rest of the country. Wide highways and vast construction projects are transforming a city steeped in history and surrounded by mineral riches. Kurdish leaders believe they can attract foreign investment by promising access to their untapped markets and natural resources.

Photographs by Kamaran Najm/Metrography

Turning the camera back on Vietnam

Legendary Magnum photographer Philip Jones Griffiths talks about embedding and censorship from Vietnam to Abu Ghraib. Interview for BBC News, April 2005

Adriatic pearl recovers its lustre

Tourism revenues help the historic Croatian port of Dubrovnik mend the scars of the Balkan conflict. BBC News, February 2005

Epic Journey to End Cycle of War

An encounter with Nadir Shah, the intrepid Afghan cyclist who was making his way to New York on a bicycle that behaved like a “stubborn goat”.

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