Russia’s reach unnerves Chechens

Chechens who fought the Russian army – or simply fled it – cast wistful eyes at their homeland across the border. Report from the Pankisi Gorge for BBC News, January 2008

Tales of loss from Kashmir’s quake city

Survivors from the earthquake reach the capital of Pakistani-administered Kashmir, bringing stories of grief and endurance from remote Himalayan villages. Report from Muzaffarabad for BBC News, November 2005

Laptop link-up: Quake aftermath

Survivors of an earthquake in Pakistani-administered Kashmir field questions from a global audience, via the BBC News website. Report from Muzaffarabad, November 2005

Laptop link-up: Muzaffarabad’s plight

A report from Pakistani-administered Kashmir on the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake. I visited the region as part of a BBC effort to connect schoolchildren in Pakistan with a global audience – including their counterparts in the British city of Bradford. BBC News, November 2005