The internationalist ultra-nationalists

ukraine_coda_02In eastern Ukraine, a small band of Russian ultra-nationalists have joined the battle against the Russian-backed rebels. Reporter Leonid Ragozin explores their motives and background, exposing the ironies of a conflict that has largely been reported in binary terms as a showdown between Russia and the West. This long-form story highlights the risk of blowback from both sides’ reliance on ultra-nationalists as shock troops. It provides a nuanced corrective to the daily news, inviting a fresh assessment of Russian and Western objectives in Ukraine, as well as the narratives that accompany those objectives. My edit for Coda Story.

Pomerantzev tweet

European Press Prize 2013


I have made it into the final selection of the European Press Prize for the second year running. The nomination – in the investigative reporting category – was based on stories that I have edited for the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence.

Other contenders in the category include journalists from The Guardian and Der Spiegel, who exposed the extent of the NSA’s surveillance programme, as revealed in files leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Journalists from Reuters and the Organised Crime and Corruption Project are also shortlisted.

Bollywood goddess waxes beautiful

Indian screen icon Aishwarya Rai encounters her likeness in wax. BBC News, October 2004